This is the official flag of optimism. Designed by Hanneke Meijers (hannekekijkt.nl), commissioned by me. I’m still working on getting it officailly recognised by the relevant authorities so if you have any leads on that, let me know.

I wanted this flag to exist because I think optimism deserves more credit. I want to stand for being an optimist and I believe that more optimism is a solution to a lot of our problems.

To me optimism is about more than just being postitive. It’s about believing in the possibility of a positive outcome. And it’s about believing that together with other human beings we can make that happen. Because we have to! Because there’s so much shit in the world that still needs solving and personally I don’t know if I can keep going without also taking time to imagine a positive outcome together with the people around me.

If you believe the same, send me a message at monki [at] monkibusiness.nl and I will send you a flag to show off your optimism as well!

Monki with the optimism flag in his performance Niks Nieuws (picture by Jona Harmischer)