Monki Business is a circus company and foundation founded by Benjamin ‘Monki’ Kuitenbrouwer. Our goal is to produce and perform socially challenging circus shows as well as engaging in and faciliting debate about social topics.

A bit about Benjamin
Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer (29) is a circus perf— Wait! Let’s not do this whole “talking about yourself in the 3rd person” thing…. I’m not crazy! Well, not THAT crazy… I’d really prefer to personally present myself and my work to you. Here I go:

My name is Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer but you can call me Monki. I graduated from Codarts Circus Arts (Rotterdam) in 2014, with double chinese pole as a main discipline. Since then, I’ve been developing my own style of circus, heavily infused with theatrical elements. Being a music lover and self-taught musician, music also plays an important role in my work. My graduation act was a mix between my circus skills and a monologue about my frustrations of not knowing what to with exactly those skills. It was well received and sparked my interest in this style I had  discovered for myself. I immediately started working on a solo performance, which premiered September 2017 in the form of a 60 minute circus show, called Not Somewhere Else. In the fall of 2019 I premiere my second solo performance called Static.

Meanwhile I am also part of the group of artists that founded ‘Collectif Sous le Manteau’; a collective based around chinese pole and music, mainly operating in France. We created a large performance called Monstro that premiered in January 2019.

My inspirations come from daily life and from our society. Pop culture (films, music, books) from the last decades is one of my great inspirations. In my work I want to talk about the way I look at life and the questions I have. By talking about topics that bother me or that I ponder, I aim to show people a different way of looking at things or challenging them to question their own judgments and their habits.

General information about the Stichting:
Stichting Monki Business
Roelof Hartplein 198
1071TT Amsterdam

board of directors:
Anna Beentjes – voorzitter
Sara Woods – penningmeester
Tjarda Muller – secretaris
Carole van Ditzhuyzen – lid
Camiel Corneille – lid