It’s th-th-there! Monki’s solo show is born. After an intense last working period, the first try-out on the 28th of April in the Korzo Theater in The Hague was a big success. Now it’s try-out time until the premiere on the 29th of September in the Korzo again. Keep an eye on the dates here on the website (list on the right) or register for the mailing list to be kept up to date:

photo by Jakub Urban


It’s almost th-th-there! Monki’s first solo show is as good as finished. Next week we do the light creation in the Korzo Theater in The Hague. To finish that off, we will hold a ‘private’ (no ticket sale) try-out on the 28th of April at 20:00. You’re all very welcome to come ch-ch-check it out! If you can’t make it (or you want to wait for the premiere, good choice!), keep an eye on the dates posted here or on the Facebook page for future possibilities to catch MONKI’s Not Somewhere Else in action!

Photo: Jakub Urban


voordekunst_logo_regular_blackI’m very happy and proud to say the crowdfunding goal of €4.842 has been reached and exceeded. 72 people in total have donated and the amount of support and belief in the project is amazing to feel. I feel truly strengthened for the next part of this journey and I love the fact that this project is now a bit more than some abstract thing in my head, but something that already connects many people. Thank you.


Picture by Megin Zondervan
Picture by Megin Zondervan
‘Not Somewhere Else; an Ode to the Underdog’ is Monki’s upcoming solo show. A raw 60-minute performance about the way we live together and the difficulties a systemised society. With double chinese pole acrobatics, live music and spoken word.

The première is planned for September 2017, with try-outs starting in May 2017. The next couple of months Monki will be very busy with many different residencies in different countries, so keep an eye out for the news here and come ch-check it out!


The chinese pole exchanges continue! And now our project has a name: Project Symians. Under this name we will keep exchanging between pole artists and found a collective in the end of 2017. Our goal is to create the first mono-disciplinary chinese pole show in 2018.

Check out what we did in Paris right here:


Picture by Patrick Lemineur
Picture by Patrick Lemineur
Especially for the Young Talent Night of the Atlas Festival / Extreme Convention this year, 12 pole artists came together to create a spectacular and unique performance completely based on pole. It was a big succes and there is already talk of more, similar projects in the future.

Check out more pictures of the event by Patrick Lemineur right here.


Picture by Hanneke Meijers //
Picture by Hanneke Meijers //

On the 27th of September, the show ‘3’ by TENT had its premiere in The Hague. It’s is a show about 3 friends in an anything-but-empty space. Using poles, footballs, sweaters, a baseball bat and much more nonsense, the show creates a universe of whimsical boyishness and poetical manhood.


Picture by Jan Hordijk
Picture by Jan Hordijk
On Thursday evening 26 June, a few minutes after the end of the Take It Off graduation performance, a scholarship from Friends of Codarts Foundation was handed over to circus student Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer by Henk Klaassen. Professional arts education in general, and Codarts with its talented students in particular, deserve support, in the view of Friends of Codarts Foundation. Not only moral support, but also financial assistance. At the end of each academic year, among other things a number of scholarships are awarded by the foundation to excellent students who graduate from one of the Codarts study programmes. The scholarships are intended for the realization of study purposes. The first scholarship of 2014 has gone to Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer.